Job Market

The EMAC is pleased to announce its 12th job market at the EMAC 47th Annual Conference in Glasgow,UK.

The jobmarket is dedicated to researchers (PhDs and PhD candidates, assistant professors, associate and full professors), whose research is concerned with the field of marketing. The main goal is to manage and diffuse the relevant information concerning higher education and research institutions and young researchers in order to lower the cost of creating a good match. 

For institutions: Interested Institutions (universities, research institutions, and private companies) have the opportunity to post on this web site a brief description of their open positions. 

For candidates: interested candidates are required either to hold a PhD or to be close to defending their PhD dissertation. In order to register, candidates should specify the name of their institution, the date of expected graduation, their fields of interest, and a downloadable CV (PDF format), which should include names and addresses of at least three references. Candidates are also expected to post their job market papers and strongly encouraged to build a personal web page. 

Demands and applications can be in any area of the business academic community.

Candidates and institutions have to register to the conference through the conference website to take part in the job market.

The Job market sessions are scheduled as follows:

- Wednesday 30 May: 09:00-17:30
- Thursday 31 May: 09:30- 17:30
- Friday 1 June: 09:00-17:30

Jobmarket website

To the attention of the candidates: When you apply for a position, you have the opportunity to select your preferred time for the interview. Please select it only in the time periods indicated above.

No interview will be held outside these sessions.

For any question, please contact Anne-Laure Marteaux at

Thank you for your participation in the conference.