The Organising Committee


l-r: Dr Kathy Hamilton, Dr Matthew Alexander, Prof Spiros Gounaris, Dr Maria Karampela, Dr Ewelina Lacka

Established in 1971, the Department of Marketing is one of the oldest and largest marketing departments in Europe and today, it is home to more than a thousand students. Among the leaders in marketing education in the UK, we consistently obtain strong results in external league tables such as the Complete University Guide and the National Student Survey. We also seek to promote an interdisciplinary approach in Marketing education and as a result we are among the first European Marketing Departments that have joined efforts with our Faculty of Engineering to promote an innovative post graduate program that addresses the challenges of managing innovation from the perspective of both Marketing and Engineering. At the same time, we have a vibrant and high quality research culture that produces outputs that are significant to business and management practitioners as well as to policy makers. These features contributed to our award of ‘UK Business School of the Year’ at the Times Higher Education Awards 2016 when we were commended for outstanding overall performance and an innovative and entrepreneurial outlook. 

In 2013, we established our own annual international research conference, a forum for PhD students to meet and gain feedback on their work from experienced mentors, such as Prof. V. Kumar who was our Key Note speaker for the 2016 conference. The success of this initiative draws not only on our formidable academic capacity but also on the Department’s huge experience in organizing a wide range of conferences from the Academy of Marketing to the Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group. In fact, back in 2003, we hosted the 32nd EMAC Annual Conference with great success and we are delighted that, once again, the EMAC conference will return to Strathclyde in 2018.

Together, the organising committee have expertise across a range of methodological approaches and our research interests span across our department’s four research clusters – strategic marketing & analytics, services marketing, business innovation and networks, and consumption, markets & society.

Chairman of the Organising Committee

Prof Spiros Gounaris leads the research endeavours and the engagement with the business community in the area of strategic marketing decision making both for services and manufactured goods, with a particular interest in B2B, innovation, employee engagements and internal marketing as well as internationalisation. Spiros is passionate about vigorous academic research that has relevance and can impact the way marketing managers practice marketing, with whom he interacts systematically and offers advice. His academic work is widely cited and has appeared in the Journal of Product Innovation Management, the Journal of Business Research, the Industrial Marketing Management, the European Journal of Marketing and other esteemed international journals. He sits in the editorial board of the Journal of Service Research and the journal of Industrial Marketing Management, is a member of the Academic Board of the European Marketing Confederation and Vice President for Corporate Relations of the European Marketing Academy.

Members of the Organising Committee

Dr Matthew Alexander’s research is focused within the services domain around the complementary concepts of Service Dominant Logic, value co-creation and customer engagement. Within this domain he has a particular focus on the behavioural manifestations of engagement and their impact within society. Matthew’s expertise spans a range of methodologies and has been published in academic journals including the Journal of Service Research, Journal of Travel Research and the European Journal of Marketing.

Dr Kathy Hamilton is an interpretive researcher with longstanding interests in consumer vulnerability and poverty, experiential consumption and the role of community in contemporary culture. She is an associate editor for the Journal of Marketing Management and co-chair of the EIASM Interpretive Consumer Research workshop. Kathy is interested in interdisciplinary research and her work has been published in Sociology, Marketing Theory, Annals of Tourism Research and European Journal of Marketing.

Dr Maria Karampela joined the Department of Marketing as a Lecturer in Marketing after completing her PhD in the University of Edinburgh. Her primary research interests revolve around branding, consumer-brand relationships, as well as international marketing strategies in the context of micro and small-medium enterprises. Maria’s research expertise spans across a variety of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. 

Dr. Ewelina Lacka’s research focuses on digital technologies adoption and use as well as the analysis of user-generated data. She has published in academic journals including Industrial Marketing Management journal, Production Operations Management, International Journal of Production Research. Ewelina has served as an editor of a book published by Springer in 2014; ‘E-commerce platform acceptance; suppliers, retailers and consumers’. 

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